FreightCo enables you to carry freight more quickly, inexpensively, safely, and easily so you can concentrate on your business from

booking to communications to payment.

Ware Housing

Your finished goods and raw materials can be stored in our warehouses all over the country. 

Customs Clearance

we offer customer-specific transportation  to part load or full truck load transportation.

Transportation Services

Our transport solutions are unique because we work hard to get the shipment to the right place at the right time.

Air Freight Services

The goal of our air freight department is to make sure that goods arrive on time at your place of business.

Access Luggage Handling

Your shipment will be transported without any problems using our freight trucks.

Corporate Gifts

We offer safe and reliable services for sending your company’s holiday gift.

Door To Door Delivery

These two ways of getting around are the most important for shipping goods in and out of the country.

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We help ship retail products faster and improve the customer experience. With one of the largest transportation networks, we offer flexible logistics solutions to meet the growing demands of the e-commerce business. We have the capacity to deliver your orders in two days or less from any of our distribution and sorting locations. Request a quote and see how making Beezexpk  can raise your bottom line and put smiles on the faces of your customers.. 

For that Beezexpk is providing budget-friendly solutions for your e-commerce businesses platform.


Route to the future of e-commerce starts here

Offer economical warehousing services by employing efficient tools for warehouse

Beezexpk offers secured warehouses at all of our locations. We will receive and inventory your products and deliver them worry-free when and where they are needed. If you are currently maintaining your own warehouse, our facilities may offer more optimized distribution solutions, improving your supply chain, providing operational flexibility and reducing costs.


Express Courier

Express Courier Link’s ability to assimilate domestic document services with the best technological platforms, means the highest level of success.